AR musical instruments KAGURA is a revolutionary digital instrument
lets you make music simply by gesturing with AR technology.

KAGURA Solo is the new family of KAGURA for individuals.
KAGURA solo has core features of KAGURA Pro and specifically focuses on personal use.
We propose music experiences using AR technology more easily and inexpensive.

Expand your expression with KAGURA Solo
For the creators who want to try the performances with AR

Various artists had adopted KAGURA on their live performance. You can play sound only by moving your body, without touching anything with KAGURA. KAGURA Solo is not a lite edition of KAGURA Pro. Just focused on personal use.

KAGURA Solo is suitable for creators performing with one computer

Your performance does not need synchronizing with other computers? If so, KAGURA solo is perfect for you. KAGURA Solo can be suitable for dance and eurhythmics.


When you need KAGURA Pro features, you can upgrade to a KAGURA Pro license just paying the difference. Of course, files created with KAGURA Solo has compatibility perfectly with KAGURA Pro.

Comparison Chart
Price $499 USD $99 USD
Saving files
Visual Effects
Inverting Images from Webcam
Intel RealSense
Preset Sound Library
Preset Image Library
New Feature Update
Premium Support

KAGURA Solo is personal use only. Companies and schools need pro licenses. KAGURA Solo has no volume licensing program. If you need upgrading KAGURA Solo to KAGURA Pro, please let us know with an email, Applying upgrade takes 3 business days.