Everyone feels good When playing music.

We are shifting from an era of music listening to an era of active participation in music.
This is made possible thanks to KAGURA's latest AR technology that allows anyone to create music simply by moving their bodies.

Can't play any instrument? Don't have a musical ear?... Don't worry! KAGURA is an application that allows anyone to play music, from children to adults. One only requires a personal computer with a camera.

Get your hands on KAGURA right now and experience the new era of music!

KAGURA Pro for Artists

With KAGURA Pro you can create your own original songs.
It also supports MIDIs and can be used as a gesture controller for your own DAW etc.


A new performing style achieved
only by moving your body, without touching anything

Cross platform

Your PC or Mac changes
into a performing tool!


By creating your own original Soundset,
you can enhance self-expression!


By using drag&drop,
you can enjoy an intuitive user interface


Support for MIDI to connect
to any digital music device



Global Innovator
                  Conference 2016:Future-Maker Award
Sónar+D Startup Competition Awards 2016 :Grand Prize
Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge :Grand Prize
The CHAOS ASIA :Grand Prize
Fukuoka Business Digital Contents Award :Grand Prize
Microsoft Innovation Award : Samurai Prize
Funded withKickstarter

Get your hands on the FUTURE!

KAGURA is a software designed for both Windows and Mac.

Get KAGURA Player for free! Check the KAGURA Pro