KAGURA is motion musical instrument.

Launch in March!



Real Music Performance for everyone!

KAGURA lets anyone become a musician by using only your body movement and gestures.
All you need is your computer and a web camera*. No hand-holding needed!

* Hand Gesture Recognition requires Intel RealSense 3D Camera.


The way to perform music for people who cannot play music


Innovative interface by camera image processing


Unprecedented performing style by body motion


Cooperation with a wide variety of digital musical instruments by MIDI

Compatible with MIDIClock to sync multiple KAGURAs, your DAW, and other devices


Producing original music simply by drag and drop



Developer × KAGURA

Shunsuke Nakamura, a KAGURA developer, performed music in front of a huge audience. Surprisingly, he developed KAGURA because he couldn’t play any music, Let’s see how he performed!

Rock Band× KAGURA

KAO=S from Japanese Art Rock Band performed music with guitar, shamisen, drum, and KAGURA. This harmony is a must-watch!

KAO=S Official site

" Artist’s voice "

Shuji Yamagiri
(acoustic guitar/vocal)

Our vocalist for KAO=S, Kaori, is very expressive, even for a motion actor, and her movement and dance during the songs is just so beautiful, I always had the idea to somehow turn her action into music and meld that into the band’s. So, when I heard about KAGURA, I knew we had to incorporate it into our shows.

On stage, Kaori’s movements painted a perfect picture to match the koto and Uilleann pipe sounds we set up. To see it come together was really exciting.

KAO=S has a very Japanese sound with a shamisen player in our band, and while we have those traditional elements, through KAGURA we are embarking on a new kind of sound that also gives a fresh, visual edge, making an interesting interplay between the traditional and the new.

Kaori also does sword dancing, and we are looking forward to seeing KAGURA keep pace with her speed and full body actions.

Dancers× KAGURA

TAQ8 & BANVI, dancers who usually dance to the music, created music by their dance. Please enjoy their super cool performance!

" Artist’s voice "


When I first tried out KAGURA, I was impressed with how you could make sound from basically thin air. And for it to even recognize distance was really surprising.

I knew there would be a lot ways you could put it to use, having it be able to make sound in an empty space, but I immediately thought, “I could do this with dance!” Making sound out of movement. That is a new art form.

I think KAGURA is a technology that will give a new space to a lot of people.

Human Beatboxer× KAGURA

Daichi, a popular human beatboxer, collaborated with KAGURA by the real-time music sampling function. Don’t miss the moment when the brand-new music style was created!

Daichi Official site


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