A new performing style
achieved only by moving your body, without touching anything

Real-time image processing of the camera's video input. When your movements are instantaneously converted to music, your body itself becomes an instrument.

Cross platform

Your PC or Mac changes
into a performing tool!

It works only by installing KAGURA on your PC/Mac with a webcam or connected to a camera. You don’t need other special sensors or devices.


By creating your own original Soundset,
you can enhance self-expression.

It contains preset images and sounds that help you make various Soundsets. However, you can use your own personal images and sounds allowing you to personalize your performance to make it unique.


By using drag&drop,
you can enjoy an intuitive user interface.

You can arrange, change, move, and resize all of the images and sounds easily by using drag&drop.


Support for MIDI to connect
to any digital music device.

You are able to control your DAWs, DJ tools, and samplers by using body motions in the air! You don’t need to touch anything during the performance, not even your musical devices.

Real-time editing
with preview playing

You are able to edit the properties of the icon with Camera View, so it’s easy to create Soundsets while getting feedback.

Make a whole song
with Scene mode and Timeline mode

You can create different song sequences putting Scenes on the Timeline. You can also change the details of each scene anytime.

Support for 3D camera
to use hand gestures

For an even more enhanced experience, you can use the Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera for more accurate detection without background noise of the camera. The hand operations look like they were taken from a SF movie!

Create music by using
your image files and audio files

You can easily use images and audio files which are made by yourself or obtained from other sources. Just drop these files on the KAGURA screen directly from the folder of your PC/Mac.

  • Quantize for each icons to play music easily
  • Remixing downloaded Sound Sets
  • Infinite loop play of a Scene
  • Unlimited number of Scene creation
  • Minimum equipment to start, only with a PC and a camera
  • Support for most webcams
  • Sampling while playing
  • Synchronizing with other DAWs by MIDI clock
  • Synchronizing with multiple KAGURAs by MIDI clock
  • Changing Scene by input signal from a keyboard or MIDI devices
  • Making your set list by arranging Sound Sets
  • High quality preset audio files created by a sound engineer, Seiji Toda
  • Preset animation images created by the TriF Studio
  • Noise reduction of camera image by using a depth sensor RealSense
  • Hand gesture control RealSense
  • A beautiful visual effect like a water wave RealSense


Try out this new musical experience right now.


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KAGURA for Windows System requirements

    • Windows 10、Windows 8.1
    • Core i5 or i7 CPU
    • Web camera or Intel® RealSense™ 3D Camera
    • Audio in/out device
    • OpenGL 2.0 or later

KAGURA for Mac System requirements

    • OS X 10.8 or later
    • Web camera
    • Audio in/out device
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