Please refer here when you are having trouble.

The camera screen is not displayed

  • Please check if the Web camera is connected to the PC
  • Please check that the Web camera driver is working normally
  • Make sure the camera is selected in the Device Settings

The screen of the camera is strange (distorted / rough)

  • Please check that the web camera driver is working normally.
  • Please check the Web camera settings
  • Please check the resolution of the Web camera

Camera image does not move (Music does not play)

  • Make sure Output Device is selected in the Audio settings
  • Please check whether or not "Receive MIDI Clock" is checked in the MIDI settings

I can not play a Sample Song

  • Since data will be downloaded from the Internet the first time you start up please make sure you are connected to the Internet

I can not activate it

  • Please check Internet connection. Activation of KAGURA requires the PC is connected to the Internet

Slow operations,the software does not work

  • Please check whether your PC meets the operation requirements.
  • If the load of other applications (including background applications) is too big, it may not work properly even if the minimum requirements are satisfied.
  • If you use a large number of icons or scenes, you may overwhelm your PC's memory. Check the memory usage. You can reduce the amount of memory used by lowering icon resolution, decreasing the number of animated images when using APNG, and so on.

RealSense is not recognized

  • Please confirm that the OS is Windows 10. We do not guarantee the operation on Mac OS or earlier Windows versions. However, if you prepare a separate driver, it may work, so please contact the manufacturer of your RealSense camera.